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Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer (english version)


About the training

We have prepared this privatized online course (SPOC), organized into several modules, so that you become self-sufficient in the use of the Bio-analyzer. At each step, you will be invited fill-in a memory quiz, and, at the end of the training, you will get your certificate, allowing you to have access to the Bio-analyzer of the platform. This training is accessible 24 hours a day and the training time lasts about 2 hours.


Bio-analyzer Agilent, nucleic acids analysis, quality control, RNA, DNA...

Course plan

Module 1 System overview
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Module 1 Part 1: principles
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Module 1 Part 2: advantages
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Module 1 part 3: choosing the right chip
Module 2 Preparation of a Nano chipbr> &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Module 2 Part 1: realization of a Nano chip
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Module 2 Part 2: The software - Launching a run and obtaining results
Module 3 Troubleshootings
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Module 3 Part 1: Troubleshootings with the chip
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Module 3 Part 2: Troubleshootings with the run


The protocols are downloadable from the " protocols " tab. Protocols. The transcription of the videos is available at the bottom of each module.

Concerned audience

This MOOC is meant for all the persons having an IP e-mail address (… and who wishes to use the Agilent Bio-analyzer in full autonomy at the platform.